Don’t Let the Tame Ones Tell You

Today is International Women’s Day (March 8th) and is a global holiday that recognizes women’s incredible achievements, raises awareness, and encourages others to advocate for gender equality.

This holiday dates back to the early 1900’s when 15,000 women flooded the streets of New York City in hopes for better working conditions, pay, and voting rights. From then on, the first-ever National Women’s Day was established in 1909 and has continued to spread to several different countries around the world, eventually leading to the International Women’s Day online portal created in 2001 — a vital resource and tool for educating and empowering all women. This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias which focuses on creating a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, and creating gender equality in workplaces, communities, schools and more. 

Definition of BIAS – Noun and Verb cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.


I am always astounded when I stop and think that it has been barely 100 years since women have gained the right to vote and, in many countries, are still treated as property or cattle without such rights as voting, banking, or working without their fathers’ or husbands’ permission.

Then when I look at the work that we have been doing in India and see that thousands of women have been rescued from a life of slavery or victims to patriarchal abuse and yet MILLIONS remain in lives no one would ever want to live, unable to change it because of the BIAS that is held in their countries and communities against women…

My heart sinks. 

Tears well up in my eyes and I feel ANGRY. 

Angry because I feel so small and insignificant to change it or to help.

Embarrassed that I allow these biases to some degree in my own life and in my own decision making.

Frustrated that the well-intentioned people around me cannot even recognize their participation in the furtherment of the bias because it is INCREDIBLY hard to recognize the patterns that are A PART of the way we are raised, the ideals that we hold, and the ways that we think. 

And then I am reminded that I cannot change the world by being ANGRY AT WHAT IS, but instead must hold the ideal for the FUTURE I want to create and FEEL THAT THIS REALITY IS ALREADY DONE.

Only when we can CAPTURE THE FEELING OF THE IDEAL will that IDEAL then present itself in our reality.

So here is to MY BEST LIFE. Me choosing to be a LIGHT ON A HILL, A BEACON for other women to look to for guidance as they overcome inequality, abuse, bias, poverty, pain and rejection…and I ask that YOU join me.

Here are a few areas that I feel we can focus on and create a model to change the world:

Disney’s idea of being a princess and being RESCUED by a prince must go. 

Instead, we need to intentionally teach women their worth, good body image and self acceptance, diminish the need for outside approval, develop critical thinking, learn how to build wealth and create her own empire so SHE CAN CHOOSE who she does or does not marry.

The press’s non-stop bombardment of images of women who are supposed to represent the type of women we want to look like and ultimately become. The models who are 16 and 105 lbs with bones showing and sad pouty looks on their faces (sexual exploitation training). 

Instead we need women of ALL shapes, ages, and sizes being represented in art, literature, stage, movie, print, and ads so that young women can see that their bodies are acceptable, curly or straight hair beautiful, round or straight bodies beautiful, black – white – yellow- brown or any other skin colour is magnificent. We MUST STOP the insane gaslighting that is going on where we are told we are beautiful but the images we see counteract the message and undermine our confidence convincing us we need surgery, diets, makeup, and certain clothes to reach an insane “type” of beauty to be acceptable in this world.

The inequality of pay, the expectations put on mothers to dismiss their families’ needs for the job responsibilities in the old model, when most jobs can be done on a rounded schedule free from the need to leave their kids when they are sick. And the allowing of sexual inuendos, sexual discrimination and the expectation of women to work in situations that are degrading with male or female bosses who talk down to, or worse yet…completely dismiss their rights. 

Instead we need to see women take on leadership roles teaching people how to treat them as well as others and how to live without bias, letting go of old beliefs and choosing new ones that are supportive and deliver equality.

I know this is A LOT, but these are the things I wish to see. 

Our daughters taught to love their minds, bodies, and souls just as they are. To be taught that another person cannot complete them because they are already complete.

That women can become wealthy and do not NEED a man or another human to make them so.

So on this day, on International Women’s Day, let us not only celebrate the women who have come so far, but let’s set our minds to the future that we want to create. 

Let’s be strong, independent, self loving, and grace filled beings who hold the POWER OF CREATION in our minds and bodies and let’s actively create a future without BIAS. And let it start with us.

Here is to moving the UNBIASED FUTURE into our current reality by EMBODYING THAT WHICH WE WISH TO SEE.


Turn off any and all media that pits women against each other, has drama or gossip, and shows women living in any condition below the conditions we wish to see.


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Happy International Women’s Day!


Melanie Greenough