Basics of Building A Crypto Portfolio

Join us for She’s Creating An Empire™’s Building a Crypto Portfolio Basics with the Global Crypto Educator, Corinne Florence.

Are you looking for guidance on what a successful process, strategy, and tools look like when building a crypto portfolio!?

😁 This education event is for you!

📈 80% of dollars in circulation were printed in the last 22 months and everything is at an all-time high…just look at gas prices!!

🤔 What can we do about it?

🪙 Get educated about how money is changing!!

We’re living in a 📲 digital world and our money is catching up!

💃 Women make some of the best traders and yet, so many don’t know where to start!

That’s why we have partnered with this academy and Corinne to bring these trainings to you!💃💃

Grab a pen and notepad! We will show you how to feel in control of your money moving forward in this digital world!