Hey there, I’m Melanie Greenough!

Awesome to meet you. A little bit about Greg & I…we met and married in 6 months and raised 2 amazing girls who are now young adults. We have worked from home for the last 12 years and we live in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Our favorite things to do are build businesses together, travel the world, and we are foodies at heart. Oh, and did I mention…we LOVE wine!

I personally consider myself a nerd who loves to learn anything…especially business, marketing, personal development. And, of course, I have moved my whole life online.

Why She's Creating An Empire™ Was Born

Our mission is to empower people to earn the amount they desire, live debt free, and radically grow their lives, businesses, and finances.

Here you’ll find proven strategies, powerful training, and the resources you need to Create An Empire. Whether you’re a business owner, networker, or brand new entrepreneur, you will find profitable action steps to create highly engaged organizations, increase income, trade in the largest financial markets in the world and use online marketing strategies to sell and build with ease… and if you want we will help you build a turn key coaching business!