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This is your life we're talking about:

You deserve to do work you enjoy & have enough money to actually do those things you dream about. 

(Because, yes, it’s possible to take the luxury vacation, be your kid’s carpool driver, or go on a month-long break from your work every fall if you want to.) 

There’s no rule that says your life has to fit some sort of cookie-cutter mold for you to be happy.

It’s your definition of success that matters around here. 

If you feel like you’re doing all the “right” things, but you still feel like something’s missing, it’s okay to want a change.

^^ In fact, you probably should make that change. 

At She's Creating An Empire™, we’ve helped thousands of women just like you create lives, businesses, & bank accounts they love.

No matter the situation you’re feeling “stuck” in right now—we’ve got the resources to help you make seismic changes. All it takes is your ability to do the work and commit to being honest with yourself through the process. 

(Think of us as that friend that “sees” what is stopping you and says "take my hand we will get through this together”— instead of holding space for the things that are ultimately hurting you.)

The right career for you is the one that lights a fire in your heart and sets you up to actually enjoy your life.

Whether it’s a creative outlet or a soul connection to your work … 

or the ability to make more money in fewer hours—resulting in the freedom to invest your time in your family, relationships, or, heck, yourself ... 

… or you’re just ready to feel less buried in the day-to-day & more like the easy-breezy boss you expect the “CEO of her own life” to be. 

You need a reliable mentor who can show you the step-by-step process to create real, lasting change in your life, finances, business, and mindset (yeah, I said it). 

We come alongside you to—
  • create a foundational understanding of financial fitness
  • overcome the mental and emotional barriers to success
  • and master the proven skills for success in online business and entrepreneurship. 

That's how I've gotten 10,000+ women to a place of freedom and fulfillment—and you're next.

Here to Help you Create Your Empire.

Melanie Greenough | FOUNDER & CEO

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

Now, I’m an internationally respected business success coach, mentor, and personal development educator. With multiple six- and seven-figure businesses to my name, I specialize in helping women overcome their past hurts, limiting beliefs, and present circumstances to create lives, careers, and bank accounts they love. 

Long story made very, very short, a $500 investment in a network-marketing side hustle (before side hustles were cool) evolved into the seven-figure, freedom-filled, purpose-driven empire I run today. 

As the CEO of She's Creating An Empire™, I’ve coached thousands of people to transform their lives through financial fitness, diversified income streams, and putting their dreams, goals, and desires ahead of the burnout culture society says is the recipe for success.


The Gal Behind EVERYTHING (AKA Melanie's Brain)


Digital Asset Creator & Self Love Guru


Senior Coach, Integrator & Community Culture Queenpin

I'm all about

Straight talk,
strong drinks,
short emails, 
helping you find
your superpower

I'm not about

bandaid fixes,
the word "TRY",
that hustle game


When I started working with Melanie I was over a million dollars in debt, pregnant and stressed to the max trying to do everything myself. 

She taught me how to recover from the mess I was in, create leverage in my business so I could scale and I now run a successful team of 13 people in my 7 figure online business. I am her biggest fan! I highly recommend you work with her.


My husband and I had built up about $50K in debt & were wondering how we could ever pay it off. 

Since working with Melanie, I’ve … 
  • Learned to think outside the box in many ways
  • Added multiple streams of income
  • Sold our house
  • Paid off our debt
  • Bought another house IN CASH 


This could be you....

If the “get the job, get married, buy the house, have the kids, and you’ll be happy” approach to life hasn’t exactly been true for you—you’re not alone. 

But instead of acknowledging the cookie-cutter approach failed you, you’re stuck feeling like YOU failed because you want (or, heck, need) something more. 

it's time to call bs. 

Spoiler alert:

You’re not a failure, but you were sold a lie.  

If the typical 9-5 life doesn’t work for you, or your sole stream of income doesn’t provide more than enough for you & your family, or the entrepreneurial spirit deep down in your soul simply isn’t satisfied working for someone else—you’re in the right place. 

Sound like what you need?

I never could’ve imagined making $50K on my first attempt in business.

I’d been sitting on my hands for months—I hadn’t sold anything yet, and I was getting in my own way. My “perfectionism” was actually just fear—Melanie helped me see that and showed me how to overcome it.

My hairy-scary goal was $10K—but I made $50K in just the first half of the year … with a $297 product!


Melanie helped me drastically increase momentum in my business and sales team

In just 8 weeks, I grew my business by 400% and increased profit by $50,000! 


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