5 Steps to Make 2022 to be 202U – Creating Your Best Year Ever!

What is She’s Creating An Empire™ and what do we do? In this video CEO, Melanie Greenough, breaks down what we do, how the Certified Coaching works, and the RESULTS real women just like you have achieved in the past year.

 Check this out…here is what we accomplished in 2021:

 👉 1,300 Clients that went through our courses

👉 Over $5 million in debt paid off in 2021 alone 

👉 Clients who added 3-5 streams of income on average

👉 600 women who started their journey learning about the markets

👉 Over $150,000 in paid out commissions

👉 50 new coaches joined the team

👉 4,000+ women joined our free community

👉 Marriages restored

👉 Many have broken the chains of despair and are living a more empowered life

👉 Fed over 65K people and have rescued hundreds of women and children from trafficking

 **And this is just the Beginning**

 Apply to become a Coach with our community and get..

 👉 A turnkey business

👉 Business & Branding Momentum group access

👉 Coach certification

👉 Ability to sell our courses and earn an income

👉 Thriving community of coaches 

👉 All new Business Incubator…coming soon

👉 An ATM Facebook group for potential clients

👉 VIP Facebook groups for clients

👉 90-Day Plan to Profit

 The Question is….

 If you could have anything in 2022, what would it be?

 How much would you earn?

 What would you do with your time?

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